About Adrienne

Adrienne Bawa, a registered nurse, and sound healer based in Los Angeles, is a multifaceted professional with a deep commitment to holistic healing and well-being. With a diverse background in nursing, including specialties in Emergency Medicine, flight nursing air operations, and Interventional Cardiology, Adrienne brings a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise to her practice.

Adrienne’s journey into sound healing began alongside her nursing career. She is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and has obtained additional certifications in Sound Healing, Mindfulness, and Meditation from UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center. She firmly believes in the power of the mind-body connection and takes a whole-person approach to healing.

Since 2019, Adrienne has facilitated numerous Sound Healing journeys and events, touching the lives of many individuals seeking balance and inner peace. She has dedicated her time and expertise to nonprofit organizations, advocating for music therapy and mindfulness for children. Adrienne is also a sound meditation facilitator at Equinox fitness and collaborates closely with the integrative wellness team at UCLA, providing sound healing to patients and healthcare workers.

In addition to her healing sessions, Adrienne has curated an immersive Sound Facilitator apprenticeship program. This program is designed to expand awareness of sound healing and equip participants with the skills to incorporate sound therapy into their own wellness practices. Through this apprenticeship, Adrienne teaches the fundamentals of sound healing, the science behind it, and the art of holding space for a meditation container utilizing sound therapy and meditation.

Adrienne’s skill set extends beyond her knowledge of sound healing. She has been trained in sound scape design and possesses proficiency in playing a variety of orchestral instruments, such as planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls, Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls, Tibetan bowls, and elemental chimes. By creating an acoustic sound journey with these instruments, Adrienne aims to relax the body, clear the subconscious, and activate the body’s natural healing systems.

Sound Bird Healing, Adrienne’s company, offers Sound bath meditations that facilitate shifts in brainwave states through entrainment. By utilizing rhythm and frequency, these sessions help individuals transition from a normal waking consciousness (beta state) to a relaxed consciousness (alpha state), and even deeper meditative states like theta and delta. The instruments used in the sound bath are attuned to the body’s energy centers, known as Chakras, for healing and addressing emotional and energetic blockages.

The benefits of Sound Bath sessions are numerous. They include a decrease in the production of stress hormones, calming of the body and mind, reduction of stress and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, increased focus and clarity, decreased tension and fatigue, decreased inflammation and pain, improved sleep, and an elevation of spiritual well-being.

Adrienne’s main intention with her practice is to create a space for meditation and relaxation, promoting a lowered threshold of anger, anxiety, and tension within the body. She believes that when our physical bodies are not in a state of tension, we can be more open, calm, and loving towards others. Adrienne’s passion lies in empowering individuals to regulate their own body’s ecosystem and mental state through sound healing and meditation, allowing for personal self-discovery and an enhanced enjoyment of life’s daily experiences.

Looking ahead, Adrienne envisions Sound Bird Healing expanding its reach and impact. She plans to open a second location in Culver City in January 2024, offering holistic wellness services that incorporate Eastern and Western modalities to approach mental health and overall well-being. In five years, Adrienne sees herself honored to accompany and assist individuals whose lives have been touched and transformed by the unique and profound experiences Sound Bird Healing offers through music, meditation, and community.

In summary, Adrienne, a registered nurse and sound healer based in Los Angeles, is dedicated to providing holistic healing through sound therapy and meditation. With her background in nursing and additional certifications in mindfulness and sound healing, Adrienne combines medical knowledge with a whole-person approach to facilitate healing journeys and empower individuals to take control of their mental and physical well-being. Through Sound Bird Healing, Adrienne offers immersive sound bath meditations, sound facilitator apprenticeships, and a range of instruments attuned to the body’s energy centers. Her mission is to create a space for relaxation, promote inner peace, and facilitate personal self-discovery.

“Within my own healing, and working in a high-stress environment, I needed a deeper subconscious modality that I attribute to meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. Sound therapy changed my baseline functioning, allowing me access to the regulation of my own nervous system in addition to tapping into my higher spiritual self. Trauma occurs at different ages and stays within the cells of our body. “Music has allowed me to access the parts of me that my usual coping mechanisms cannot touch while allowing an approachable aspect of healing that traditional talk therapy cannot access for me. In conjunction, I believe Eastern and Western aspects of medicine can connect mind, body, and spirit which are very valuable when magnetized together. Sound therapy has opened this world to me and I feel honored to be a satellite to others of interest in not only experiencing the same healing. Aside from tailoring to what individuals need within their practice, I feel there is strength in the community and a collective. Sound Bird healing connects sound practitioners and like-minded souls who can raise the collective consciousness by tapping into our own vibrational landscapes.”

Adrienne Bawa