Sound Healing Training

Next training August 26 2023

Sound Healer Level 1 Training + Optional Apprenticeship

During this 2 day immersive training, you will learn how to use various sound healing tools, such as singing bowls, gongs, and various healing instruments, to create a state of deep relaxation and balance within the body. You will also learn how to use specific frequencies and tones to address specific imbalances and promote overall health and well-being.

The 2 day intensive workshop is required fundamentally to enroll in ongoing apprenticeship with Sound Bird Healing. Please message to set up a discovery call /questions to

What We Offer

2 immersive days will cover:

• Introduction to sound healing and its benefits
• The science of sound and its effects on the body
• History and Origins of sound healing in ancient cultures
• The use of various sound healing tools, such as singing bowls (crystal and alchemy), gongs, and various healing instruments
• Understanding and creating specific frequencies and tones for healing including Chakras (energy centers in the body)
• Drumming to induce deep meditative trance states
• Techniques for creating a state of deep relaxation and balance within the body
• Addressing specific imbalances and promoting overall health and well-being
• Hands-on practice and guidance in using sound healing tools and techniques
• Hands-on experience with multiple highest quality Paiste Planetary tuned gongs
• Ethical Considerations and professional development in sound healing
• Additional additives of holding space- set and setting, hands-on support for this including groups Sound Bird Healing arranges for practice sound baths-virtual and in-person acclimation
• Learning your own self-regulation and protecting your energy
• GUEST SPEAKERS of Sound Bird Healing will be joining us to provide their unique gifts and guidance on holding space and alternative modalities that pair with Sound Healing.

Sound Healing Apprentship

• Ongoing- instruction and access to 8 live sound healing events to play different instruments provided by Sound Bird Healing. Create with us or keep a log of your own facilitated sound healings.

• 3 one on one 30 minute personalized sessions with Adrienne.

• Access to venues in the Los Angeles Area for their own business pathways, Mentorship and online navigation to create their own business avenues that are incorporated into current practices.

• Options for monetary return on time/energetic exchange within Sound Bird Healing once certified.

• Sound Bird Healing apprenticeship offers 8% discount on high quality instruments and gongs.

**2-day weekend training session is required for an apprenticeship.


Special discounts/access to the highest quality instruments (Paiste, Grotta Sonora, Beautiful Sounds, and many more affiliates).

You are not required to own any instruments. Sound Bird Healing will provide instruments for hands-on so you can intuitively choose what tools resonate with you.

Instruments will be available for purchase with special discounted rates for students (variable depending on the type of instrument

On-Going Community

Sound Bird Healing fosters community and ongoing support on your sound journey. Our mission is to provide high vibrational healing through sound therapy and community. We provide ongoing education, support, and unity within our collective.


“I just conducted a soundbath this afternoon and incorporated everything I learned over the weekend. One of my regulars afterward said “wow! That was amazing. You played all these new instruments and I felt like time had expanded. I feel like that was a whole day!” So what’s funny is I didn’t even add any instruments, just changed my sequence and how I play them. I’m so excited to keep this going and see what I can do with all the knowledge and training I’m receiving from you!”

Sound Bird Healing Apprentice June cohort